The government plans to create the IIT in Sanguem

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May 28, 2022 | 06:21 IST

The government plans to create the IIT in Sanguem

Team Herald

SANGUEM: The state government once again seems to be toying with the proposal to establish the IIT in Sanguem and the process is said to be taking place at a slow place at the government level.

For several days, phone calls have reportedly been made by officials attached to Sanguem Mamlatdar’s office for farmers with rice fields in Kharkhatiaghati, Sanguem, asking if they are interested in selling their fields.

On Friday, one such farmer, who received a phone call from Mamlatdar’s office, told Herald that the officer wanted to know if he wanted to sell his paddy fields in Kharkhatiaghati.

However, after being informed that they did not wish to sell the land, the official allegedly informed the farmer to come to the office with all his documents to verify his title. Similar phone calls are also being received by other farmers, according to knowledgeable sources.

Incidentally, when the government first proposed the establishment of the IIT project in Sanguem after its opposition to Canacona, the farmers strongly opposed the project in Kharkhatiaghati as it would cause significant damage to the environment and the environment. ecology, in addition to totally destroying the rice fields. and other agricultural plantations in the region.

Farmers had offered litanies and also called on local deities to pray for common sense to prevail among government officials and let them realize the destruction that the IIT project would bring if allowed in Kharkhatiaghati.

Due to strong opposition from the farming community, the project was abandoned from Sanguem and moved to Sattari, where once again it was opposed by the people of Sattari, resulting in the project remaining only in black and white on paper to this day.

Recently Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant at a reception held at Netravali, Sanguem had announced that the IIT project would come to Sanguem and considering the investigation process started at the office of Sanguem Mamlatdar, it seems certain that the government plans to recover it. in Kharkhatiaghati where he was previously opposed by the farming community.

While contemplating the establishment of the project in Kharkhatiaghati, it is the advantage of the government as it owns more than nine lakhs of square meters of land in the area including the mountain which forms the boundary of Sanguem Taluka with the neighbor Quepem Taluka.