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Stirling council receives permission to permanently close mothballed rural primary school

By on May 5, 2022 0

A rural school in Stirlingshire is to be permanently closed.

Stirling Council had been consulting on proposals to permanently close the mothballed Buchanan Primary School near Drymen.

The Scottish government has now given the green light to the move after Scottish ministers confirmed they would not call the case, leaving the council the final say.

Jennifer Staermose-Johnson from the Schools Finance, Infrastructure and Organization Unit of the Scottish Government’s Learning Branch said: “Having reviewed the documents provided by Stirling Council under the section 15(2) and considered all relevant representations made under section 15(4), the ministers consider that Stirling Council has fulfilled its obligations under the 2010 Act and does not intend to issue a notice of appeal for this proposal.

“Stirling Council can now implement its decision to close Buchanan Primary School in accordance with the deadlines set out in its proposal document.

“As outlined in Education Scotland’s report, during the closure of Buchanan Primary School, Stirling Council should work with the community to explore how to make the best use of the former Stirling Primary School building. Buchanan.”

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The council has since been in contact with the Drymen Community Council to advise that education provision will cease permanently from the building effective June 24 this year.

Pupils in the Buchanan PS catchment area will continue to attend Drymen Primary School or the school they currently attend.

The Drymen Primary catchment area will be permanently changed to include the Buchanan Primary catchment area from June 25.

In correspondence with the Community Council, Stirling Council said: ‘A discussion will now take place with pupils and staff at Drymen Primary School and with some former pupils of Buchanan Primary School who are currently attending Balfron High School on a fitting way to mark the permanent closure of Buchanan PS during this term.

A public consultation was launched last September to gather opinions on the permanent closure.

The school has been mothballed since January 2018 following a steady decline in enrollment over the previous five school terms, with zero children enrolled in school as of October 2017.