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Words. I like the words. I love to work with them and I love to play with them. The use of words, both spoken and written, is an important part of a lot of the things I do. Sometimes finding the right words can be a challenge.

I have been speaking and preaching since my last year in high school. I began ministering as a pastor while still in college, and did so for the next 30 years. I still speak / preach almost every week. Speeches and sermons begin as written words which are then pronounced as spoken words.

I am also a songwriter. My songs range from silly to serious to sacred, but they all have one thing in common… words. We call them lyrics, but they are just words, which sometimes rhyme, set to music. I have no idea how many songs I’ve written over the years, but there have been hundreds. I was asked, “How many of your songs would you consider to be good songs?” “My answer is,” I’m still trying to write my first major.

I am also a poet. Sometimes the songs are poems set to music. Sometimes, whether it’s in a poem or a song, they make sense, and sometimes they don’t.

I am also an author. I recently wrote my tenth book. Actually, if you count my doctoral thesis, my eleventh, but they only printed four copies. Only seven people read it. Four of them were members of my doctoral committee, and the other three were proofreaders. I even had to pay one of those proofreaders to read it. Sometimes someone says they would like to read my doctoral article. I usually say, “No, you wouldn’t, read one of my other books instead.” I have had the good fortune to write two novels, three humorous short stories in the Billy Bob series, two collections of my newspaper columns, and I am currently working on my third illustrated children’s tale. It’s a lot of words.

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