Set the record straight |

By on June 13, 2022 0

After Memorial Day services here on the Broad Top on Monday 30th May a gentleman I have known for some time asked me why there were no pictures of the Broad Top Honor Guard in any of the local papers. The gentleman said he thought it was BS

I explained to him that it had become newspaper policy to use a photo of those who were on the podium at both Saxton and Broad Top City and nothing more since there are several Memorial Day services in the counties of Bedford and Huntingdon which the newspapers cover. I also explained to him that advertising sales determine how much space a newspaper has for other things.

Yes, I’d love to flood the Broad Top Bulletin with more pictures, but after joining the ad sales business, I learned what the late Jon Baughman tried to explain to me years before the operation of the equation, I get it, but many others don’t.

I was then told that the reason I don’t put the honor guard in the log is that I hate the high wide honor guard. Really!!

I would put preachers and the mayor of Saxton, Alan Smith, in the paper and choose who I want to see in the paper. Again, Really!

I’ve said it before and I’ll definitely say it again, the late Jon Baughman was not only a very dear friend and almost like a second father to me, but he was a mentor. I learned so much more from Jon about the world of journalism than I could ever have achieved in a university setting and I’m damn proud of that.

One of the most important things Jon taught me was about relevance. In everyday terms, he taught me to assess which news is most important first and least important.

Jon used to call this “triage” of news or deal with the most critical news first and work down. Over the years I’ve taken what Jon taught me and applied it in my assessment of what is news value and what isn’t, even if it’s d agree or disagree with what some readers might think.

Many people who make and break the news may or may not agree with this assessment. Everyone you talk to just thinks their news is the most important and should be front page news.

Luckily, for my fellow reporter Ron Morgan and I, we have veteran slugger Paul Rowan serving as editor and making those important calls. Paul is by far no neophyte and takes what we give him and makes the most of it.

And Paul will be the first to agree, there isn’t always enough room each week for everything to fit. He does the best he can with the space given to him.

And I would like our dear readers to see and remember that our deadlines have been brought forward. In order to get a newspaper ad for the following week, we must have all ad copy by the end of the day on Thursday. We spend Friday making sure everything is in place and a “dummy” or paper mockup is created on Friday to place everything.

So please, if you would like an announcement in the newspaper for the following week, please try to let us know as soon as possible so that we have time to prepare it. There have been many positive changes to the Bulletin over the past two months and I hope many more to come which I hope readers will have observed.