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Remarkable Biomedical Research Institute Joins Touro University

By on August 7, 2022 0

Touro Chairman Dr. Alan Kadish and Dr. Robert Rubin, President and CEO of the Lovelace Institute

The Lovelace Research Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico has joined Touro University and New York Medical College (NYMC), Dr. Alan Kadish, president of Touro and NYMC, announced today. Founded in 1947, Lovelace is one of the nation’s oldest not-for-profit biomedical research institutes. The Institute is renowned for its excellence in respiratory disease and neuroscience research, toxicology, experience in drug development, and in protecting the nation against chemical, biological, and nuclear threats.

“Touro is delighted that Lovelace is joining our university. This affiliation will have a significant impact on our research capacity and expand our ability to make a difference in the health and lives of Americans. Together with Lovelace, Touro will be able to provide an in-depth understanding of potential health risks and optimize the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals,” said Dr. Alan Kadish.

“We also plan to leverage Lovelace’s clinical trial infrastructure to operate a centralized TOURO/NYMC clinical trial research office. Our NYMC faculty will serve as medical advisors for Lovelace clinical trial research and provide fundamental scientific support in infectious diseases,” Kadish continued.

Lovelace has three campuses in Albuquerque comprising more than 375,000 square feet of research laboratory space and receives more than $70 million annually in grants and contracts. The Institute has published thousands of research papers and employs 400 doctors, scientists and researchers.

“We look forward to collaborating with Touro on more and more research projects over time,” said Dr. Robert Rubin, President and CEO of the Lovelace Institute. “This new affiliation will provide long-term stability, new opportunities to expand our mission as we join an academic medical center. Management is excited about this new opportunity to advance our mission to improve public health.