Quarter 1 schedule for class 10, 12 today on Cbse.gov.in

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CBSE 2022 Date Sheet: Quarter 1 calendar for grades 10, 12 today on cbse.gov.in (representative)

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CBSE Date Sheet 2022 Term 1: The date for the board review for grades 10 and 12, conducted by the Central Council for Secondary Education (CBSE), will be released today, October 18. The schedule will be available on the CBSE website, cbse.gov.in. For the 2021-2022 batch, the CBSE organizes the class 10 and class 12 board exams in two terms. The first term exams will take place in November-December and the second term exams are scheduled for March-April.

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Some recent reports indicate that the board exams for Semester 1 will likely start on November 15, with exams for skills education subjects; and exams for major subjects will start on November 24. However, a council official said on October 14 that nothing had been decided yet.

Later today, the board said the schedule would be available on October 18.

The council further informed that it had divided the subjects of classes 10 and 12 into minor and major. First, it will take exams for minor subjects, followed by major subjects.

The board said this was done to prevent the loss of student learning.

The CBSE 2022 board exam will take place for 189 items and it takes around 40-45 days to schedule exams for all subjects.

“As the main subjects are offered by almost all the affiliated schools, the examinations of these subjects will therefore be carried out by setting date sheets as before. Regarding minor subjects, CBSE will create a group of schools offering these subjects and therefore more than one article will be produced by CBSE in schools per day ”, recently stated the board of directors.

Articles from Semester 1 will have objective type questions and Articles from Semester 2 will have both objective and subjective questions.

The CBSE had announced two-term board exams earlier this year so that it can have at least one board-led exam at the end of the academic year, which can be used to prepare for results. For the 2020-21 class, the board had to cancel all theory exams due to the COVID-19 pandemic and report the results based on alternative assessment criteria.

Many state and central boards have already decided to follow the two-quarter board review model introduced by the CBSE.

Sample questions and exam schedules for the CBSE 2022 Board of Directors are available on the CBSE Academic website.

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