Proposed plastic bag ban in Salisbury | Features

By on May 26, 2022 0

The City of Salisbury is proposing a possible ban on plastic bags at retailers, grocery stores and takeaways. The ban could lead businesses to use paper bags, although these sometimes charge a fee. This could encourage the use of reusable shopping bags. Katie Ayd says one of the benefits of reusable bags is that there are fewer plastic bags in her house.

“For me, it’s really convenient,” Ayd says. “I think they’re holding a lot more studies there and it limits the amount of trash I have in my house.”

Joan Windmuller says the ban may be a bit too much. She likes having plastic bags as an alternative to her reusable bags.

“I feel like a ban might be a bit harsh, but I believe in reducing plastic bags and plastic water bottles,” Windmuller said. “So I try to bring my own bags when I come. Sometimes I run out and have to use plastic bags.”

Alyssa Hastings, the city’s sustainability specialist, says this is just a planning step and welcomes feedback, but also says plastic bags are the hardest to recycle. The ban would reduce the amount of litter in the Wicomico River.

So if the ban is passed, know that those plastic bags could be a thing of the past. To comment on the proposed ban, email Alyssa Hastings at [email protected]