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  • Monday, October 11, 2021 | TALKERS Magazine: TALKERS Magazine – “The Talk Media Bible”.

Monday, October 11, 2021 | TALKERS Magazine: TALKERS Magazine – “The Talk Media Bible”.

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Memo from Monday: “America is running out of everything. ” The dealers want to buy your car. Paper towels and toilet paper are scarce again. Need to replace the dishwasher that you knocked out during shutdown? “Very lucky”, says the consultant Holland Cookebecause conveyor belts that stop during stopping are slow to start. “Like the pandemic that precipitated it, the disruption of the supply chain is a multi-year event that will interrupt and change the lives of listeners.” In this week’s column, HC describes the opportunity for radio and its advertisers. Read it here.

Business on hold: who cares? Sales professional Steve lapa writing today about avoiding this response even from your prospect. Imagine that you have prepared a proposal with your best pitch points and that “every # 1 position you can muster is so ingrained in your pitch that you can recite the numbers while you sleep.” If your station is not in the scoring business, you find another strategy # 1. Your talent bios show a range of photos ranging from influential guests to family photos that warm the coldest hearts… but did your proposal pass the “Who Cares?” »Test when it comes to all those perceived highlights? Have you thought about what really is relevant to this advertiser? ” Read more here.

Sterling: Actions that make you reserve. If your goal is to secure a reservation for a talk radio show, heed the wise advice in this article from the nationally unionized debate host. Walter Sterling. This will help you avoid mistakes that put hosts off. Sterling says, “A compelling and engaging guest is invaluable to every radio show. It doesn’t matter if you are famous or have lived in the White House. To be reserved on major radio shows, you need a few fairly simple actions. Once a host “likes” you, it won’t take long for you to quickly become a reference guest. Read more here.

Audacy adds Mark Willard to the noon show. The new noon show “Willard and Dibs” – with Marc Willard and regular lunchtime animator Dan Dibley – debuted on Boldness‘s KGMZ-FM, San Francisco “95.7 The Game” today (10/11). Willard comes to Audacy from his most recent post with Cumulus MediaKNRB, the crosstown sports speaker. Brand manager “95.7 Le Jeu” Mast Nahigian says: “I am absolutely delighted that Mark is joining us. He’s a great talent who understands this fan base as well as anyone in the market. It consolidates a new lineup that I think the Bay Area will love. Willard comments, “I’m more than excited to join ‘95.7 The Game’ and continue to talk about our hometown teams with the fans that I love. I can’t wait to start such an exciting time in Bay Area sports. Willard also currently serves as the studio host for Pac-12 network and hosts the “Inside Giant Moments Podcast”.

Biden’s Infrastructure and Reconciliation Bills, COVID-19, the Border Crisis, the Jan.6 Inquiry, the Trump Rally, the Columbus Day Controversy, the Virginia Governor Race and the Woes of the southwest among top news / discussion stories over the weekend. The status of president Joe bidenthe $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill and its $ 3.5 trillion reconciliation bill; the drop in the rate of COVID cases in the United States, the warrants of masks and vaccines and the antiviral pill from Merck; the crisis at the US-Mexico border; the investigation into the Capitol bombing of January 6; former president Donald trumpthe Iowa weekend rally and its intentions in 2024; the controversy between Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples Day; Virginia’s much-publicized gubernatorial race between Democrats Terry McAuliffe and republican Glenn youngkin; and Southwest Airlines canceling 2,000 flights were among the most talked about news / maintenance radio stories over the weekend, according to ongoing research SPEAKERS magazine.

Program Director / Information Director. iHeartMedia is looking for a Program / News Director director to oversee WHAM news / discussions, Rochester; news / talk WSYR, Syracuse and classic rock WAIO-FM, Rochester. This individual will “lead all aspects of the radio station on-air experience in a leadership and operations role, responsible for talent, content, news operations, programming and online presence.” . This is a Rochester-based position. To learn more about this position and apply, click here.

Morning reporter. News / talk WSYR, Syracuse is looking for a morning reporter. This role is based in Syracuse and the position requires the reporter to assemble and verify factual information through interviews, observations and research; Monitor breaking news sources such as feeds and social media; Plan, write, edit and play news broadcasts; Finalize the content using digital audio editing software; Maintain critical deadlines in order to deliver timely news; and more. Check out this position and apply here.

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