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Good Light Expands Genderless Beauty Premises to Retailer Cult Beauty – Glossy

By on September 28, 2021 0

Good Light brings its concept of genderless beauty products to the British.

Good Light, the beauty brand from the beauty and skincare site Very Good Light, launched in March with three products including a facial cleanser, a tonic and a serum. On September 22, the brand expanded outside the United States for the first time by entering British company Cult Beauty. The retailer, which sells only through e-commerce, serves a predominantly European customer base. Good Light is also sold through the e-merchant Soko Glam.

Good Light generated $ 100,000 in revenue in its first 100 days of operation, ending in June, according to Michael Engert, co-founder of Very Good Light. He added that 70% of customers are under 34.

“We want to promote the idea that beauty is for everyone. Beauty has no gender, but those who use beauty have a gender identity, ”said David Yi, co-founder of Very Good Light and CEO of Good Light. “The launch of Cult Beauty is a validation [of our premise]. “

Cult Beauty was notably acquired by e-commerce company The Hut Group for $ 383 million in August after interest in online shopping soared during the pandemic. The deal followed shortly after Sephora acquired rival Cult Beauty’s online beauty retailer Feelunique for $ 184 million in July. The addition of Cult Beauty to THG’s portfolio, which already includes e-merchant Lookfantastic, has strengthened its already strong position in the market. At the time of the acquisition, Cult Beauty was seen as “often the partner of choice for emerging independent brands” in the UK, according to a press release from Matthew Molding, executive chairman and CEO of THG.

Very Good Light serves an international audience, according to Yi, with people in the UK constituting its second largest audience, after people in the US. According to Engert, Very Good Light readers have an average order value that is 150% higher and convert to buy 200% more often than non Very Good Light readers. Very Good Light has attracted a total of 5 million readers since its launch in 2016.

“[Gender neutral] is part of our thesis. We knew our community and our readers would show up. They are our # 1 conversion [group], and it’s encouraging to see, ”Yi said. “We have major expansion plans, and this [Cult Beauty expansion] is an inflection point for us.

The readership of Very Good Light is also at the heart of Good Light’s product development. The brand plans to launch acne patches in October and spot treatment by the end of the year, followed by a moisturizer in March 2022, Engert said. So far, Good Light’s Moon Glow Milky Tonic Lotion has become its flagship product and accounts for around 40% of the brand’s total sales in any given month. Good Light is in talks with other retailers for expansion over the next six months, Engert said.

“Because we have this audience existing on the very good light side, and now we have clients on the good light side, we were able to learn a lot in a very short time,” Engert said. “The acne products were [desired], given the young audience that we have… Slowly but surely we are completing the routine.

In September, Very Good Light posted an announcement on its website regarding the expansion of Good Light. Social media for Very Good Light and the Good Light brand also ran the ad. Yi has said there will be minimal paid promotion surrounding news of the expansion, although Good Light has unpaid influencer partnerships.

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