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For the first time, TN Polytechnic’s advice will likely be posted online

By on August 12, 2021 0


For the first time, the board for the Polytechnic of Tamil Nadu is expected to go live as the Directorate of Technical Education (DOTE) takes action as has been done for engineering admissions.

As the registration of applications for all polytechnic courses in government and private institutions will soon be completed, a senior official from the Department of Higher Education said the online counseling proposal was launched because full normalcy did not exist. not recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic situation. .

“Most of the students who join Polytechnic courses will be from Class X and therefore online counseling will be much simpler compared to virtual engineering admissions,” he added.

At present, there were 51 public establishments, 34 public subsidized establishments, four affiliated establishments, about 400 self-funded establishments and 14 polytechnics of hotel management and catering technology operating statewide.

Stating that each year around 80,000 students were admitted to polytechnics, the official pointed out that “last year so many applicants suffered to reach the Student Facilitation Centers (SFC) for verification of certificates and qualifications. advice due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation and therefore against in this context, online advice was mentioned “.

The official said the online counseling process will be very straightforward and will even be accessible through Android mobile phones. “The software, which would be prepared for the online admission procedure for polytechnics, will only have a few steps for students to know about certificate verification, ranking list, counseling process, and college names. in which they were admitted, “he added. .

However, the official said that “DOTE authorities are doing their best to implement the online polytechnic council this year itself and added that they are also consulting the health expert on whether it would be safe. to conduct physical counseling this year “.

He said the government has set up a videoconferencing center at DOTE at the cost of Rs 1.19 crore to meet growing educational demands, especially by implementing e-governance throughout technical education to minimize paperwork.

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