ECI sends a proposal to the Center, requires these

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New Delhi: Shortly after taking office as Chief Election Commissioner, Rajiv Kumar (CEC) had written to the Ministry of Justice asking them to issue a notification to link the identity of the voter to Aadhaar. In fact, according to a report published on a famous website, the chief election commissioner also sent proposals to the central government to set four dates for people to register as voters, ban exit polls and of opinion and establish rules allowing the candidate to run from only one seat.

An Electoral Commission official said: “The Electoral Commission has sent six important proposals to the Ministry of Justice. We have asked the government to notify the 4 deadline rule to link Aadhaar to voter ID cards and eligible persons be registered as In December 2021, the Rajya Sabha passed the Election Laws (Amendment) Bill 2021, by voice vote, after which the way was cleared to bind the identity card of voter in Aadhaar.The opposition had staged a House walkout in protest against the bill and opposition parties alleged that the central government had rushed the bill through without enough discussion. According to the report that surfaced, the Election Commission also requested the right to deregister political parties and requested changes to Form 24A to make it mandatory. e public information on all electoral donations above Rs 2,000 instead of Rs 20,000.

Indeed, this also comes in the context of the Commission’s action against ‘Unrecognized Registered Political Parties’ (RUPPs) last month. The Electoral Commission had announced a clean-up campaign, launching “graduated action” against more than 2,100 RUPPs for flouting the rules. Parties that have not submitted the contribution report to the Electoral Commission or have not informed the Commission of any change of name, function, office holders and official address are deregistered. Section 29A of the Representation of the People Act 1951 empowers the Electoral Commission to register associations and bodies as political parties. However, there is no constitutional or statutory provision giving the Electoral Commission the power to cancel the registration of parties.

Furthermore, the Electoral Commission had mentioned in its proposed electoral reform booklet in 2016, “Many political parties register but never contest the elections. These parties are only on paper. The possibility of forming a political party to keep an eye on the use of the The benefits of income tax exemption cannot be ruled out either.It would make sense that whoever has the power to register political parties would also have the right to cancel the registration of political parties in appropriate cases the ban on exit polls and opinion polls, according to which there should be a ban on the broadcasting of opinion polls and on exit polls at from the time the notification of the election is published until its completion.

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