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Consultation launched on proposals to establish a £ 4million comprehensive stroke center at Aintree University Hospital

By on November 23, 2021 0

Consultation launched on proposals to establish a £ 4million comprehensive stroke center at Aintree University Hospital

by Henry James (November 2021)

The NHS in Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton and West Lancashire have launched a 12-week public consultation on the proposal to establish a £ 4million comprehensive stroke center at Aintree University Hospital.

The proposal aims to improve hyperacute stroke services, that is, hospital care provided within 72 hours immediately following a stroke.

Currently there are hyperacute stroke services at Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Aintree University Hospital and Southport Hospital. But with local expertise and resources spread across three sites, health officials said it could be difficult to ensure patients have “equitable” access to specialist staff, tests, equipment and drugs. procedures they need – especially in the critical three days after a stroke. .

Local clinicians developed this proposal for a single comprehensive stroke center at Aintree University Hospital. This would consolidate the local hyperacute services on the same site as the Walton Center, which offers a specialized treatment for stroke called thrombectomy.

If the changes were to occur, it would mean that in the future all suspected stroke patients would be taken to Aintree Hospital for the first 72 hours of stroke care – even those who may already have been treated at Royal Liverpool Hospital or Southport Hospital.

Subsequently, up to half of the patients left the hospital to continue their recovery at home with an assisted early discharge team. Those not ready to go would be transferred to one of three acute stroke rehabilitation units at Aintree, Broadgreen or Southport hospitals to continue their recovery.

Dr Claire Cullen, Stroke Consultant, Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust explained: ‘We want to give people the best chance of accessing specialist stroke treatment, as early as possible in this critical 72 hour window – and that’s what this proposal is all about. In regards to.

“Many of us know that acting quickly is extremely important when it comes to a stroke – but that doesn’t just mean getting someone to the nearest hospital; it is important that they are seen by specialist stroke personnel who can diagnose and make decisions about the best treatment for that person.

“In addition to increasing the use of anticoagulants and clot removal treatments for patients, we also believe that consolidating local services would increase the number of patients treated in a specialist stroke service – which can do a huge difference. to patient outcomes.

Health bosses added that the proposal did not imply any reduction in the amount of NHS funding spent on stroke care at the local level – adding that this would result in increased investment. This includes an additional one-time investment of £ 4million to develop the new comprehensive stroke center at Aintree Hospital, and an additional £ 1.9million investment in running the service from year to year. year.

Dr Paddy McDonald, Stroke Consultant, Southport & Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust, said: ‘These proposals were developed by the people who care for stroke patients on a daily basis and really understand the long term difference that early diagnosis and treatment can help people who have had a stroke.

“Some trips to the hospital would take longer, but in exchange for faster, more integrated care once you arrive with a better outcome for each patient.

“This is an approach that we know is already improving care for stroke patients in other parts of the country, and we believe our local people should also have access to the highest quality of care. “

Between November 22, 2021 and February 14, 2022, the public will be able to find out about the proposals for improving hyperacute stroke services and express themselves.

Further information and an online questionnaire are available at: www.liverpoolccg.nhs.uk/stroke

Those who prefer to talk about their comments can also call (0151) 247 6406 (Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). People can also use this number to request a paper version of the questionnaire or information in a different language or format. They can also do it by SMS: 07920 206 386 or by e-mail: [email protected]

There will also be online public events that will provide an opportunity to hear the changes in more detail from clinicians and provide feedback in a small group discussion.

These sessions will take place on:

Tuesday December 7 1 pm-3pm

Thursday December 9 6-8 p.m.

People can register to participate in one of these sessions at: www.liverpoolccg.nhs.uk/stroke

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