Beach bottle proposal leaves Northamptonshire woman in tears

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Fabian Bendow from Northamptonshire was having a relaxing time on vacation when she saw a message in a bottle in the sand.

She didn’t know that waiting inside was the question that would change her life forever.

It was no coincidence that Fabian, a sales assistant at Higham Ferrers, stumbled upon the bottled paper, before being left in tears on the beach at Mother Ivey’s Bay, near Padstow, Cornwall Live reports.

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The message read, “Fabian, I want to spend the rest of my life with you and make many more memories. Will you marry me?”

The message in a bottle was planted earlier today

Fabian was visiting the beach while on vacation with his partner George Bendow.

The couple, who have an eight-month-old grandson named Reggie together, are a regular visitor to the Southwest Coast beauty spot, but this visit was very special.

Luckily for George, Fabian’s response was a resounding yes, albeit with a few sobs and tears.

“There were a lot of tears,” said Marine Engineer George.

“I was just soaked in the rain.

“” I asked one of the park staff to put the bottle on the beach for me, then suggested to Fabian that we go for a walk. As soon as we arrive we will always go for a walk on the beach so she was not suspicious.

“When we first went down, she didn’t see the bottle. I tried to get her to approach it, but she still didn’t notice it. I must have said ‘oh look, there’s a bottle over there. “I think she understood by the time she read the note.”

The couple have been together for over two years and now have an exciting new chapter to start planning.

They haven’t set a date yet, but unsurprisingly, one place they both would love is a beach in Cornwall!

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