A marriage, a proposal and a baby

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Hallmark Channel said a final goodbye to the O’Brien family. The Chesapeake ribs The series finale aired on October 16, and the show ended with a heartwarming episode full of great moments and new beginnings.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 10, “All or Nothing at All.”]

Mick and Megan say ‘I do’ in ‘Chesapeake Shores’ series finale

‘Chesapeake Shores’ Season 6 Episode 10 | ©2022 Hallmark Media/Photographer: David Astorga

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When we last visited the O’Briens, first-time dad and aspiring medical student Kevin (Brendan Penny) was about to deliver his wife Sarah’s (Jessica Sipos) baby in the back of a ambulance. The finale opens with her parents Mick (Treat Williams) and Megan (Barbara Niven) rushing to the hospital, where they meet their new grandchild, also named Mick.

As the family reunites in Sarah’s hospital room, Mick and Megan decide it’s time to share their big news. They are getting married (again). Everyone is thrilled, and soon plans are in full swing for their big day. As with most marriages, there are a few hiccups along the way to the altar. The harpist cancels at the last minute, the priest has car trouble, and Megan frantically searches for her “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” But it all comes together in the end. In front of their family and friends, and with their five children serving as attendants, Mick and Megan say “yes” for the second time. It’s taken these two years to find each other, but this time around they’re older and wiser, and they’re both confident the marriage will last.

Jess is pregnant and Margaret makes a huge discovery

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As if one wedding wasn’t enough, just about every other member of the O’Brien family has big things going on in “All Or Nothing at All.” This includes Jess (Laci J. Mailey). She sits down with David (Carlo Marks) and tells him that she has overcome her fear of not being a good mother and is ready to have a baby. Fortunately, David is on board, as Jess reveals that she is already pregnant.

Meanwhile, David receives good news about his father’s fraud case thanks to Connor (Andrew Francis) and Margaret (Mariesa Crouse). Partners in law and in love have been at odds since Connor took on the complex (and seemingly unwinnable) case over Margaret’s objections. But even though she doesn’t think they have a chance of triumphing in court, she still delves into the evidence, which leads her to a major discovery. Margaret realizes that there is a paper trail that suggests Dennis Peck was framed by one of her friends. This is the break they need to win the case. Margaret and Connor smooth things over and prove they’re going to be a couple to be reckoned with in the courtroom.

Luke makes a big decision

Luke, in costume, with his arm around Bree in the series finale of 'Chesapeake Shores' on Hallmark Channel
Stephen Huszar and Emilie Ullerup in the series finale of ‘Chesapeake Shores’ | ©2022 Hallmark Media/Photographer: David Astorga

Luke (Stephen Huszar) landed in hospital a few weeks ago after intervening in a gas station robbery. The incident left him pondering the direction his life would take and he concluded that he had to end Bree (Emilie Ullerup) because he would only drag her down through his bad luck. In the Chesapeake ribs series finale, he checks himself out of the hospital (against his doctor’s orders) and disappears. No one knows where to find him, leaving Bree frantic. He finally shows up on her doorstep on Mick and Megan’s wedding day, but he just wants to say goodbye. Bree is angry, and she tries to argue with the stubborn Luke, telling him that she wants him to “charge” her. But he is resolute, even refusing to attend the wedding as it would send the wrong message.

Fortunately, Luke comes to his senses. He shows up at the ceremony and explains why his instinct was to run away. “When things go too well…I don’t trust them.” But he wants to trust Bree. “I really want to try to make us work,” he says, which Bree has been waiting to hear all along.

Abby and Evan get engaged

Evan and Abby kiss in the series finale
Robert Buckley and Meghan Ory in the series finale of “Chesapeake Shores” | ©2022 Hallmark Media/Photographer: David Astorga

Evan (Robert Buckley) didn’t exactly have the best reaction when he first met his biological father earlier this season. But now that he’s had time to think, she realizes he wants a connection with her father and takes a timid first step to building a relationship with him. He also has a heart-to-heart with Abby (Meghan Ory) where he reveals more about the car accident that killed his mother. Apparently, she had a string of terrible boyfriends, and when the last one hit her, Evan tried to intervene. The boyfriend responded by attacking Evan, and she picked him up and left. As they fled, she was involved in the accident that resulted in her death.

Evan has been thinking a lot about his family lately. So it’s no big surprise when he drags Abby away from the wedding reception for a little field trip. He takes her to the new house he just bought in Chesapeake Shores and gets down on his knees. What follows is a surprisingly low-key proposal for the eccentric billionaire. (He was going to hire Herbie Hancock to play, but decided against it.) “I never knew what family was until I met yours… I love all the O’s. ‘Brien, but above all, I love you,’ he said. “Abby O’Brien, will you be my wife?” Of course, she says yes.

The Chesapeake ribs The series finale ends with all of the O’Briens and their spouses/partners gathered around the hearth. Abby has a vision of all the other times they’ve had together like this over the years. Mick toasts his family, and the credits roll, with all the O’Briens looking forward to a bright future together.

Some other notable moments from the finale:

  • Mick decides to retire and hands over full control of O’Brien Construction to Abby. He and Megan – who took time off from the Getty – are finally going on this world tour.
  • Abby offers Mandrake (Wesley Salter) a job as right-hand man, while Evan tries to rehire him after firing him a few weeks ago. He weighs his options. But anyway, there’s an apartment above the garage for him in Abby and Evan’s new house.
  • Kevin plans to apply to medical school at Johns Hopkins and the University of Pittsburgh.
  • Unfortunately, Mick’s mother, Nell (Diane Ladd), did not appear in this episode except briefly in a flashback. But she sent her love – and a special hair clip for Megan – before the wedding.

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